Our Services

Gender Family Alliance provides personalized support from parents/caregivers like you who are raising children who identify as transgender, non-binary, and any kind of gender expression that is not the typical societal accepted norm.  Often times, kids are questioning and the way they identify may change.  We have kids questioning too.

We call our parent/caregiver volunteers Gender Allies because, they are allies to the core; supportive, nonjudgmental, and trained to hold a safe space for you.

Services we provide

  • One on one phone call up to 1 hour with another parent/caregiver of a child like yours.  We will try to match you up to a Gender Ally that has a child who identifies similarly to yours.
  • Meeting in person with a Gender Ally over coffee/tea in a public place for up to 1 hour.
  • Connection via email with a Gender Ally once we’ve established you as a safe person to be in contact with.

There will never be any charge or fee to access our services.  We may occasionally host fundraisers and invite you to come but, there is no obligation to ever donate.  If you would like to donate we would be very honored and appreciative!

*GFA reserves the right to refuse service to any person that contacts us if we feel that person is not a safe person, makes threats of any kind, or uses hate speech.*

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