Welcome to our Resources page! Here we are continuously updating and adding helpful information and resources for you and your family.

Families, Clothes, and General Resources

GenderBenderKids- “At GenderBenderKids, you’ll find baby and kids clothes, books and room accents based on what kids like! We are dismantling the gender binary and believe babies and kids should have access to all colors of clothes. Call it gender neutral, gender fluid or just plain kids clothing.”

Gendermom- Marlo Mack is a mom whose child told her she was transgender at a young age.  She has been documenting their families transition and shares it with everyone. You can find her on where she has links to her various ways of reaching out to the world.

Raising Rainbow- Raising Rainbow is a story about a family with a gender creative boy. You can find them at

Legal Assistance

ACLU- The American Civil Liberties Union is available in every state. They help fight for human and civil rights. They do not help with custody cases.

HRC- The Human Rights Campaign is available in every state. They help fight for human and civil rights specifically for the LGBTQ community.

For child custody attorneys that are sensitive to these cases, our Allies can tell you of their experiences and help recommend someone.

Binders and Packers

Binders- and are  donation based sister companies. They offer free chest binders to those that cannot afford to buy their own or obtain binders safely. They also accept used binders and donations. have some of the most comfortable binders in a variety of skin tones

Packers- have STP (Stand To Pee, transfemales have the option to stand up and urinate like cis gendered males do) packers and binders. They target an older audience, so enter with caution. have a variety of packers. They target an older audience, so enter with caution.

Resources for Religious Families

Debbie Jackson- Debbie Jackson is a great person to follow on social media and use as a resource for how to help work through family transitions when religion plays a part in the families beliefs.

Resources for Teachers Teaching Tolerance in an organization that provides free resources to teachers with the goal to reduce prejudice, improve intergroup relations and support equitable school experiences for our nation’s children.