About GFA

We are Gender Family Alliance!  We exist to support parents, caregivers, and allies of transgender, non-binary, and gender creative children and youth ages 2-18.  GFA is based in Seattle but, our hope is to support families everywhere in raising our awesome children.  Welcome to our website. This is a safe place for all.

Here you can find out how to contact and connect with another parent/caregiver raising a child like yours within an hour (sometimes minutes).  Click on our services page to find out more about how we can help you. There is never a charge or fee.

There are a TON of amazing resources and allies established for transgender and non-binary rights, activism, and education around Seattle and the world.  GFA will point you to those resources. Sometimes though you just need someone you can relate to. That’s us! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

How GFA was born!

Co-founders of Gender Family Alliance, Autumn and Jordan are Seattle residents and both have transgender daughters.  GFA was born out of a small private Facebook group with the same mission.  In October of 2017, we were given an opportunity to make our group more visible and open to all and offer more resources.

A transition can be scary, overwhelming, and wonderful; the families going through a transition need a support network and village to help them through. We decided to fill this need and Gender Family Alliance was born.