Prepare to be unprepared in the best way possible

As parents we do our best to care for our kids.  We read parenting books before they are born, ask parents you admire for advice, paint the nursery walls and stock up on supplies.  We have all the baby gear shoved in the living room and have studied more than we did for the SAT.  Now what?

Any parent will tell you that as much preparation you do, nothing truly prepares you for the love that will fill your heart when you see the tiny human you created.  Nothing will prepare you for the level of dependence this precious little baby will have for you until they are well in to their teens and beyond.  Parenting really never ends and each season and stage has it’s own joys and challenges.

There are all the traditional preparations when it comes to the gender of your child.  Gender reveal parties have become all the rage in recent years.  Blue for boys, pink for girls.  Trucks and dinosaurs for boys and dolls and dresses for girls.  From the start, maybe you’re traditional and maybe you’re not?  Maybe you insisted on orange or green for you child and non-gender specific baby clothes.

While we don’t think focusing on gender is healthy or conducive to allowing a child to truly express themselves, sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do as parents because our kids show up anyway, in all their glory of who they really are inside.  Maybe your little girl is interested in conducting science experiments and your little boy likes putting make up on?  Awesome!  Let them do that because it makes them happy.

Honestly, I hope gender reveal baby showers die out because, they are another symptom of a culture so hyper focused on gender.  What I hope for the future of baby showers is a celebration of a life coming in to existence.  Celebrating all the wonderful ways of being this child could be.  Maybe at baby showers there can be commitments to accepting children for who they are, pledges to love them no matter the clothes they want to wear, toys they want to play with, or the person they fall in love with later in life?  What a wonderful party that would be!




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