Catching Up To Our Kids

When I was ready to let my daughter transition socially, she was four years old. I never prevented her from being who she was born being she just knew who she was before I did. Looking back, I realize how long it took me to get to where she was. She had been dressing up and asking to paint her nails since she was two. After that she asked if she could be a girl and insisted on changing her name. One day I knelt in front of her and asked if she would like me to use female pronouns all the time, if she would like to wear girl clothes all the time, and if she would like to tell anyone else. She didn’t say yes. She just got the biggest smile on her face and nodded her head so hard I was afraid she would hurt her neck. I knew then what she had known for years. The little boy I thought I had was never a little boy. I am still playing catch up with my daughter two years later. She is already asking for bras, make up and high heels. I always thought that I would be the one telling her something, only to have her ignore it and find out the hard way. I was wrong. She is the one teaching me.

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